The Ultimate List of Interview Questions to Ask Remote Workers

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  • Need some first-hand inspiration from companies excelling at remote-first work culture?
  • Candidates should be able to provide specific areas of the job that excites them.
  • In fact, fully remote employees experience higher levels of exhaustion (85.65%) than in-office or hybrid employees.
  • Employers will want to see how you plan on managing your day so that you don’t get burnt out.

Experience in working with others who are on different time schedules is a must for remote workers. Every remote worker has some tools in their toolkit that helps them succeed. From video conferencing tools like remote work blog Zoom and the Meeting Owl to messaging platforms like Slack, there are dozens of things out there that help remote workers do their best. As with every interview ever, it’s essential to show up well-prepared.

How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

Feelings of isolation are a running theme amongst remote teams, so providing employees with ample opportunities to engage with one another in a casual setting is very important. One of the best practices for working from home is scheduling regular video team meetings. It’s essential that your employees don’t feel isolated or think to themselves, “I’m the only one doing any work around here.” You can nip this in the bud by reminding them they’re part of a team.

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These types of examples will show that you place importance on self-care, which will also put you in a good mood for the day. They should be able to know what your companies main values are, and explain how their values align as well. Have them provide examples of how they live their values to see if they’re genuine responses. Candidates should be able to provide specific areas of the job that excites them. Those that seem genuinely excited and can go into detail about their interests are great hires for your organization. No answer here is better than another, but you’ll want them to discuss in further detail the answer they chose.

Remote Personal Branding: Establishing Your Online Presence for Remote Success

Remote teams are becoming ever more common, so get to know the basics of digital collaboration, remote communication, and virtual team setups to successfully work from home. From communication culture through to virtual conversations, teams have to learn how to talk with each other. Learn more about how you can use Remote to apply a remote-first mindset. You can also get in touch with our friendly team for guidance on how you can manage remote teams with our trustworthy global HR platform. But there’s another dimension that needs to function optimally if you’re hiring remote workers, and that’s the HR component. To do remote-first well, your company will also need to put in place a set of tech tools that convey to remote workers that they’re a part of the team that’s worth investing in.

That doesn’t mean you can’t support one another, but even that takes a bit more initiative when you’re working remotely. “Remote work—whether temporary or permanent—requires a different skill set and type of experience than in-office jobs,” says Neal Taparia, founder of Unscrambled Words, a startup with a primarily distributed team. So while the remote jobs you’re pursuing may be very similar to in-office roles you’ve had in the past, working from home requires a different work style. A) Remote hiring.b) Remote team building.c) Remote culture.d) Email productivity tips.e) Remote productivity (from time management to asynchronous remote communication).f) Work-life balance.

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We work toward a common goal with shared, documented values, but we don’t just want to work together — we want to get along. Teams separated by thousands of miles (or kilometers, for many of us) do better when everyone feels welcome. Put empowerment and humility together, and you have a team of people who feel supported both when taking the initiative and taking feedback. Check out Remote Year’s guide to learn about the common mistakes to avoid when transitioning to remote work. Below are just a few examples of jobs in the technology sector that can mean highly successful careers for enterprising people with degrees in English.

Instead, it relies on documentation, asynchronous communication, and ownership to create flexibility, balance, and a deep sense of belonging and connection. It allows everyone to work at their peak hours of focus, distraction-free. Take a look at these top tips to travel as much as possible at the lowest cost.

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